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Dual-Toned Choker with Sand-Blasted Finish

by Iron&Bone



When you want a statement piece without becoming a walking statement yourself. There isn't a thing about this piece that doesn't embrace the finer side of fine jewellery.

Lift your hair up and let this one speak for itself, or rotate the silver section to the front to match your earrings. The sand-blasted finish on the silver compliments the shimmer-smooth gold for added detail.

The Dual-Toned Choker with Sand-Blasted Finish adds a subtle sparkling sophistication, while the the Dual-Toned Choker with Brush Finish adds the sleek glossy texture of a paintbrush.



- Sand-blasted finish: handcrafted in rhodium plating

- 18k gold plating (nickel free)

- Diameter: 130mm 

- Dimensions: 3mmx1.5mm